Let me say that I’ve broken most, if not all, of these rules at one time or another. So, rather than point the proverbial finger, take these as guidelines that are the traits to which we aspire.

  1. If you’re using automatch, make sure that your settings are appropriate for the type of game you’d like to play. For me, this means no blitz games. For you, it might ONLY be blitz games. Find what works and stick with it.
  2. Greet your opponent and wish him good luck.
  3. Try to keep distractions to an absolute minimum (phone calls, guests, etc). You don’t want to waste your opponent’s time with a game that you were only half into. Likewise, you don’t want your time wasted either.
  4. Take the necessary time with your moves that make undo requests unnecessary.
  5. Even if you’re ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that your opponent placed a move EXACTLY where he meant to and simply regretted it, always grant the undo. It’s good karma for you and if he’s honestly THAT bad, he’ll make another mistake.
  6. Save chatting for the review.
  7. Stay for a review. If you’re not sure how to conduct a review, defer to the stronger player. Based on the outcome, you should recognize your own mistakes and be ready to provide alternatives. Even if you aren’t sure they’re better, mention alternatives anyway.
  8. Ask your opponent if he’d like a review for his half of the game. If so, get an email address. Then, when submitting your game to GTL, list that you’d like a review for both players and be sure to include your opponent’s email.
  9. Thank your opponent for the game.

Again, I really write these “Rules” of etiquette based on my own behavior, which I would later regret and try to never repeat. Some of these are more basic than others, but they should apply to a majority of your games. If there are any that I forgot (or simply haven’t figured out yet) feel free to mention them in the comments.