I’ve got some bare bones information posted in our “Events” section concerning a September tournament up in Chicago. Bob Barber and I emailed yesterday and he let me know that a flyer will be ready soon, and that those on his mailing list will have it shortly. As soon as I get it, I’ll post it here.

Also, in the “Resources” tab, I’ve linked to a test consisting of 20 problems compiled by Alexander Dinerchtein. This is a pretty useful test as it gives you an idea of your strength (EGF rating) which, in conjunction with the Rank Worldwide Comparison link to Sensei’s, gives you an idea of your rating across different systems. Remember that this is just an estimate, though. The best measure of your actual strength still comes from playing games against other human players and measuring your success/failure rate against their strength.

I hope that these links help. Any suggestions of links or comments on existing ones are still appreciated.