At different times in its past, St. Louis has supported a strong Go community. Unfortunately, today that just isn’t the case. Chicago has become a much larger and more supportive community while we’ve lost clubs left and right to the point where we have only one club remaining.

This blog hopes to be a part of reversing that trend. By informing and educating new and (we’ll call them) “experienced” players, hopefully we can build a larger, stronger, and more diverse group of Go-players from the St. Louis and metro regions. This will require major efforts from the passionate among you. If you’re able to make it to the Tuesday night club, do so and make yourself and those around you stronger in the process. If there isn’t a club near you, find other like-minded people and form one (after which it will be listed here). The AGA website offers tips on “Starting a Go Club” as well as “Growing a Go Club” which should be useful in these endeavors.

Expect big things from this Association.