Since everyone visiting will be new to this blog (because the blog itself is new), a description of its features seems wise.

First, the navigation: Look above this article. At present, there are three navigation links: “Home,” “Clubs,” and “Events.” The “Clubs” link will provide you with information about all the go clubs currently meeting in St. Louis. Unfortunately, there’s only the Creve Coeur club right now. Hopefully there’ll be more in the future, and they’ll all get space here.

After that is the “Events” link. If we every organize a tournament locally, information about it will be posted there. Until that time, it’ll basically be listing any tournaments within a reasonable radius around St. Louis (e.g. Chicago).

On the left there are several links which the aspiring go player will find useful. “Blogroll” is a collection of other go-related blogs which will have their own unique take on the game and life as a go player. As I find (or am recommended to visit) new, quality blogs, they’ll be added to the presently short list.

“Go Links” includes various sites, including the AGA website, which didn’t fit neatly into any particular category because of its content. The AGA website is a great place to find information on events and other clubs. Milt’s Go Page has many Go-related anecdotes and articles which, during a break in studying, is a nice change of pace.

“Play” provides many different opportunities to play over the Internet. IGS, KGS, and Yahoo! games are all active game sites, where both players are “sitting” at the same board at the same time. Dragon Go Server, or DGS, is an asynchronous site where players can take days to play a single move (this is great if you want to play, but aren’t sure you’ll a large enough block of time to sit through an entire game).

Finally, “Study” is, as the name suggests, a collection of links where go players can find studying resources. Check each link out, as they are all incredibly useful to players at every level of strength. Game records (ancient and recent), game review, and much more can be found within those links.

These links will change over the course of this blog’s life. If it becomes obvious that a few of the blogs I’ve linked to are no longer being actively maintained, they’ll come down and hopefully replaced by new ones. If there’s an exciting new site added I’ll try to make mention of it here with a brief introduction, but generally speaking it’ll be on the reader himself to pay attention.

I sincerely hope that this helps all readers, local and otherwise, in their growth and enjoyment of go.


First post of (what I hope will be) many. The purpose of this blog is to connect go players of all ages and strengths to learning resources and to the community located in and around St. Louis and the Metro East.

This is a community blog, not my own. Any interested in an authorship role here should email me. All I ask is that you limit your posts to those relevant to the go playing community.

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